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3 Effective Church Planting Tips

3 Effective Church Planting Tips

Want Effective Church Planting?

When I think of effective church planting, I don’t always see myself as having been the poster child. However, through tenacity, attitude and perseverance, I learned three transferable character qualities to share with you. Unfortunately I didn’t read the amazing work of Dr. Aubrey Malphurs called “The Nuts and Bolts of Church Planting” BEFORE I went into church planting. If you want to plant a church these days, you’ve got to have these three qualities in large quantities!
3 Church Planting Effectiveness Tips
If you’re going to be an effective church planter, you’ve got to be flexible and adaptable. One thing you can count on is change; constant and abrupt change. You will always have it so you have to adapt yourself to the situation. Embrace the mentality that says, “I am always going to do whatever’s necessary whenever necessary.” 

Demonstrating resilience is learning how to bounce back from failure. You’re going to get knocked down in church planting. Failing isn’t the issue, if you get back up after getting knocked down. Failure to get back up is. You’re going to make mistakes. I observed my son’s recent ski instructor say,

 “if you’re not falling, you’re not learning.”

3 Effective Church Planting TipsAnd so we have to be able to take risks and try new methods to reach people for Jesus. Three steps forward, two steps back is still advancing one step at a time! You have to experiment to find the best practices sometimes to be able to get the church started.

This requires the quality of resilience: expecting the unexpected and bouncing back from the negative experiences you encounter.

 3 Effective Church Planting Tips
Exercising our faith is possessing a conviction regarding one’s call to church planting and believing in God’s Action. God is going to do it! Jesus said, “I will build my church” and we have to to exercise faith in Him if we are going to be effective church planters.

Question: What’s another tip you would give a Church Planter? Answer in the Comments below or on Twitter @NeilRSchultz:

How to Overcome Ministry Loneliness

3 Church Planting Tips

How to Overcome Ministry Loneliness

When we talk about ministry loneliness, I am directly challenging the false assumption that Christian ministers should isolate themselves. Since I am a Christian serving in vocational ministry, I’m referring to this subject from the vantage point of “we” and “us,” since I have learned to overcome ministry loneliness after years of loneliness, isolation, burnout, lack of accountability and simply hiding from others. For the sake and length of this post, I’ll spare you that story for now. If you are interested in hearing more about my story, I’d love to share it at another time (message me or share in comments if you’d like me to write about that).Read More…

How Sitting is Killing Us

How Sitting is Killing UsIs your weekly sermon prep killing you? Your ministry job may be killing you–literally. The work you do for God and to support your family may possibly remove you from them sooner than you think. This is an article on how sitting on the job reduces longevity. In other words, how sitting is killing us. There are physiological reasons why our office jobs could lead to an earlier death. To be honest, I don’t want to be “that guy” who became so lethargic and out of shape that I’m no longer fruitful and effective for the Kingdom of God.Read More…

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