Establishing Our Leadership

Establishing Our Leadership

Establishing Our Leadership

Establishing our leadership in various settings is critical if we want to succeed in our endeavors. Whether establishing our leadership with a new puppy to tell your new dog who’s Alpha, or leading your children at home, leaders set expectations and culture. In planting a new church, establishing our leadership is a fine art that needs to be set before even starting.Read More…

Join Us on Our Journey to Transform Our Worship Team

Transform Our Worship Team, SOON PLEASE!

On a Journey to Transform Our Worship Team

I am about to undergo a journey. A significant journey. As a pastor of any size church that’s been in existence for any length of time, this journey is a potentially harrowing one. I feel as if I’m a living parable of the Led Zeppelin song “Ramble On,” as:

I’ve smelled the rain, and with it pain, and it’s headed my way” and “we’ve no time to spend en route, the time has come to be gone.”

What’s the journey?Read More…

Living Under Threat

Living Under Threat

Living under threat is foreign to me. I ministered to a young Airman yesterday who barely started their elementary school years when this Global War on Terror began in September 2001. Now he’s a part of the nation’s military, serving the USA. He has grown up in an America that is so different than the one I’ve grown up in, in the mid-70’s through 90’s.Read More…

Seek Jesus Christ, and you too will walk on water

Jesus walks on water

Seek Jesus Christ, and you too will walk on water!

Keep your eyes focused on Jesus Christ. Living life is about our friendship with Jesus. He called us His friends, right?

[Tweet “Keep your eyes focused on Jesus Christ. Living life is about our friendship with Jesus. He called us His friends, right?”]Read More…

Boise, Idaho Church Plant – Team Schultz Update


Lord willing, we intend to start another church plant in Boise, Idaho with the Evangelical Fellowship of Free Churches. Please click the link above to read what’s going on with the campfire.

Please pray for us!

Please support this Boise, Idaho church plant!

Please help military and civilian alike to turn to and follow our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please join our team to reach Boise, Idaho for Christ.

Much has transpired these last few weeks, which is reason for no new posts. Thank you for being our reader and please consider how you might join us in whatever capacity you believe Jesus might be encouraging you, as outlined in our letter.

God bless!

Neil, for Team Schultz and

Overcome Scatterbrain

PuttyTribe Manifesto

Want to know how to overcome scatterbrain?

I tell ya! Finally! SOMEONE who understands me! Yes! I just figured out how to overcome scatterbrain. I just spent an hour with Jonathan Milligan, my blogging coach who leads Blogging Your Passion University. In his webinar, he mentioned “scanner personality” and then “scatterbrain.” My ears perked up and he mentioned another link to a website of absolute monumental proportions for me.

Now, I’m not talking about stressful situations where you lose your car keys or forget an answer on a test. Nor days in the church office where you lose yourself in tasks of lesser importance, look up and realize it’s already 6 pm and you’ve got to run home, slam dinner down your throat before Bible Study or small group begins at 7 pm. No, I’m talking about real, live, getting through to how to overcome scatterbrain once and for all.

I was told by my beloved music teacher in high school that I was going to be a John Lennon within 10 years of graduation. Although I LOVE music and LOVE to create, I haven’t “made it” in that profession yet. I HAVE made an income through music. I served a church in the worship leader role. I’ve played in bands. I guess by that definition, I was a professional musician.

But, my interests also have led me to PEOPLE, so I became a pastor. I love people. Christians are some of the neatest people ever, and I want to help them become more like their Lord and Savior. As a pastor, I love other pastors. They are my friends. I understand pastors. I’ve been in full-time ministry since 1994.

However, I love the MILITARY too. So, I’m an officer helping military people with their spiritual and emotional needs.

But I also LOVE speaking, and writing, and Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings, can I be a Jedi like Obi-Wan? Can I be a Dunedain Ranger like Aragorn?

I have spent time with many jobs: selling books online, event planning, office machine sales, online education consultant, corporate recruiter, trainer… I even spent a year and a half troubleshooting computers for the Navy and Marine Corps. If I spelled out every job I’ve had on my resume, your head would spin. ALL OF THAT WAS WHILE I HAD THREE TO FOUR KIDS AND WAS PLANTING A CHURCH!

Key to How to Overcome Scatterbrain

Overcome scatterbrain? No! I recommend you forget about overcoming it. Embrace your scatterbrain! Realize there’s even a word for it now: “multipotentialite.” Love it!

Thank you for unlocking the door to realize that although I haven’t “grown up” yet and “settled down,” I enjoy learning and helping people. I think self-actualization just cranked up a notch tonight! Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to be me. No, thank you for helping me overcome scatterbrain by embracing it. I believe You created me to have these many interests and experiences. Sure, I had a hand in it with some wild-eyed decisions (which my wife didn’t always appreciate by the way). I want to serve You with all that I am, with all of my varied interests.

Question: If you’re a church leader (or family member of one), how do YOU overcome scatterbrain?