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Professional coaching is a powerful, personal growth tool for today’s ministry leaders. Your custom coaching experience will propel your life and leadership to levels of effectiveness you could not achieve on your own.

It’s where awareness, discovery, insight, growth and breakthroughs happen in your backstage (private life) and front stage (public life). Learn more about our coaching packages!

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If we’re honest, we wrestle against our Enemies in a fallen, broken world, bad decisions are made. People are hurt, and Satan would love to use the resulting confusion, anger, pain and suffering from sinfulness to destroy individuals, marriages and the Church.

While engaging in this type of work is often very time consuming, messy and draining, it’s some of the most important work to which God has called us.

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Join the Campfire by Subscribing to Our Blog: You can stay up to date at the Campfire by sending us your best email and name. See the top header of your screen? The categories at the top of the page explores the top 5 needs of every pastor.

  1. Vision Clarity – Vision gets murky when we’re struggling. When we immerse ourselves in ministry demands and forget our first Love, our true calling and need direction, we can help you get back on track. Let us act like a guide on your journey.
  2. Health Preservation – Spiritual, physical, social/relational, emotional and mental fitness are key components to fulfilling God’s purposes. We want to help you become fruitful and effective for God’s kingdom. We want you to bear 100x fruit!
  3. Ministry Skills – Discover how to level up on your productivity, time management, communication, strategy, or customer service skills.
  4. Friendships – You are NOT alone, and others have walked where you are now. Whether your marriage needs support or you’re feeling isolated from other men, let’s get you connected!
  5. Funding – We’ve spent YEARS working on different ways to supplement our church income without distracting us from our family or ministry. Want to know more?

Come to a Regional Campfire: We encourage and coach. God heals and affirms you and your spouse. Join the campfire, where a team of trained and affirmed pastors lead the discussion and help you process whatever you’re dealing with. Bring a chair, a Bible and a notebook. We’ll take care of the rest! (SIGNUPS COMING SPRING 2018)