Month: November 2005

Products but not Prisoners

Products but not Prisoners

Have you ever heard of the “father wound?”

What were those missed moments in your life that dad failed to take charge of? You know, those moments where he could have been intentional about teaching you those life lessons: how to fix cars, how to treat girls, how to handle your money, religious values and beliefs, or how to choose a career, to name a few.

What were those hurtful moments in your life that happened when you needed dad most and he either wasn’t there, or acted unjustly toward you?

What about those defining moments where the true character of your dad was revealed and you decided “I’m going to be better than that!” or some other agreement in your inner thoughts that you made.

When a boy fails to connect with his dad, demons of one kind or another, often fill the void. Perhaps you’ve seen them in other people or even yourself: workaholism, macho-ism, alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, or selfish ambition.

Not all dads are bad. In fact, there are many dads who do a great job raising their kids and training them to actually hit a mark–intentionally. Are you one of them? Have you proactively unpacked your past and closed out the “unfinished business” — the themes and pain that resides there? Having done that, then the ability to launch your son into authentic manhood will be a much more enriching and effective journey.

“We are products of the past, but we are not prisoners of the past unless we choose to be.” (Robert Lewis in Men’s Fraternity.)

If you’d like further help, respond to this blog or email me, and I will make the effort to coach you through this area of your life!

Burn the Cow, Give Him His Due!

Burn the Cow, Give Him His Due!

Biblical Worship Defined
“Worship is the commemoration of being in covenant fellowship with the sovereign and holy God through the Lord Jesus Christ.”

How that is accomplished is by the:

1. Expressed commitment of trust and obedience to the responsibility of loving God with our whole being, and loving all other people,
2. Intentional praise and adoration of who He is and what He has done (and will do),
3. Memorial re-enactment of entering into covenant through sacrificial atonement with the confident anticipation of the fulfillment of His covenant promises.”

(Adapted from Allen P. Ross, Ph.D. Worship in Ancient Israel).

In other words, burn sacred cows and give God His due! His worth is far greater than any human can imagine!

Community is a Beautiful Thing!

Community is a Beautiful Thing!

Theology teaches us that He is a Triune God: Three in One. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. God exists in community; from eternity past until forever in the future, He has and will remain three persons in One. He Himself is a community. He models for us the intimacy and unity that makes a perfect a relationship.

Just as God is Three in One; the God-unit or God-head, so is marriage Two in One, or a family-unit. Just as within the three members of God there is perfect harmony, balance, deference and love, so within the two members of marriage is to be the same. The Church is to be the same! Romans 12:5 (NIV) tells us that “…in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”

God is a Community… marriage is a community… the Church is a community. That’s beautiful!

Values We Hold Dear

Values We Hold Dear

We are a community of Christ followers who value being:

MISSIONAL: Our primary and passionate commitment is to God’s Spirit-empowered missionary calling to intentionally and strategically share our faith in Jesus Christ with those who are lost, both locally and globally.

We strive to embody the culture and life of the communities to which we are called in order to transform the spiritual landscape to reflect the rule and reign of His kingdom.

Jesus is our principal model for mission, ministry and disciple making and is the focal point of an authentic New Testament faith.

We will employ the five foundational New Testament leadership functions of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher to equip the body of Christ for their mission in the Treasure Valley and the world.

The two greatest commandments—to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves— are central to the way we conduct ministry within our families, the church and the communities in which we live.

These values we hold dear!

Banded Together

Banded Together

What is the Church?

The Church is a group of people who have been saved by Christ and who have banded together to accomplish God’s mission of making disciples in their local area and around the globe.

We meet together for the purpose of fellowship, worship, and spiritual formation. Between meetings, they disperse throughout their community, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, or wherever they find themselves, in order to build loving relationships with lost people for the purpose of helping them follow Christ.

We are banded together to help people follow Christ locally and globally.

What is Faith?

What is Faith?

Faith has four elements to it… knowledge, assent, fiducia (love commitment), and hope.

1. Knowledge – You can’t trust someone you don’t know. Faith consists of the knowledge of the Person of God and the Plan of God.

2. Assent – This is when you accept what you know as truth.

3. Fiducia (or Love Commitment) – This is when a behavior change takes place. You become like what you worship.

“Our God is in heaven! He does whatever he pleases! Their idols are made of silver and gold– they are man-made. They have mouths, but cannot speak, eyes, but cannot see, ears, but cannot hear, noses, but cannot smell, hands, but cannot touch, feet, but cannot walk. They cannot even clear their throats. Those who make them will end up like them, as will everyone who trusts in them.” (Psalm 115:3-8 NET)

Changed behavior increases the probability of taking risks on behalf of the one in whom you have faith.

4. Hope – Confident expectation about the future.

The four elements of faith are knowledge, assent, fiducia (love commitment), and hope.

The gauranteed way to increase faith is to go to the Scriptures where God’s will is specifically revealed and take the risk to obey Him!

What risks are you taking today for the One in whom you have faith? If you are in ministry, turn people to God, help them know Him and His plan! Rather than teach on ethics, good parenting or principles for living, for example, give them someOne to believe in: the Lord Jesus Christ!