About Us

About Us

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Want to know more about Church Leaders Campfire?

We are an organization based in Boise, Idaho. Church Leaders Campfire was founded for the purpose of “encouraging, coaching and healing church leaders and their spouses.”

How do we intend to encourage, coach and heal?

Our platform consists of speaking at conferences, workshops and church leaders events.

We consult with churches around the world.

Our platform also consists of blog posts, ebooks, social media, podcasting, training manuals, as well as the most important tool in building our platform–the campfire. Yes, sitting around a real, physical campfire in one geographical location all together.

Church Leaders Campfire was launched in early 2012 to help church leaders and their spouses be effective in their personal life and ministry to their family as well as to the Body of Christ around the world.

Although we are available to help consult churches on various projects, we prefer to spend our energies assisting church leaders and their spouses directly.

Our dream is not to grow your church or to strengthen your church’s programs (although that may be a by-product), but to strengthen your church leaders and their families.

Church Leaders Campfire was born out of 20+ years of church pastorate, military chaplaincy and business leadership experience as well as proprietary research regarding top stressors church leaders’ families face.

Neil Schultz, who founded the organization, leads the discussion around the campfire.