What We Do

What We Do

Why “Campfire?”

Church Leaders Campfire looks back to the traditional village when everyone gathered “around the campfire” each evening. Beyond just a place to ward off potential threats from wild animals, the campfire was a relaxed environment. Traditions were passed on. Heroes and their deeds were remembered. Characters shaped, friendships forged, and the benefits of comradeship and unity thrived. Campfires serve as a tool that encourages us to ponder life’s deepest questions as we gaze at the stars and dream a little, or stare into the orange glow of the flames.Church Leaders Campfire - Campfire Group

Fire draws our attention and provides warmth. The strength of its warmth is enhanced when all the embers are unified. When embers fall away from the center of the fire, its bright orange glow quickly fades, but when placed back into the fire, effectiveness returns and begins to burn brightly again.

Church leaders need continual exposure to biblical personal wisdom in order for them to radiate throughout our lives. Let’s keep the embers of fruitfulness properly placed in the center of the fire and burning brightly in our lives. Let’s do this together! We need each other. Are you a church leader (at any level)?

We are here to help encourage, coach and heal you and your spouse to a more resilient, healthy and productive life, family and ministry.


Preventative Care

We understand your responsibilities! You nurture, teach, lead and counsel God’s people. Your public role of “always being ON” can be draining! You’re a source of encouragement and affirmation for members of the church and community. You come alongside others who need support, inspiration and faith to carry out their purpose. Wouldn’t it be nice if received the very same support you so often provide to others?

Encouragement Experience: This process will lead you back to the time and circumstances of your calling and reaffirm God’s activity in your life toward ministry. Gain added emotional and spiritual stamina to stay the course of God’s call on your life to ministry. Get affirmed! Join the Encouragement Experience will give you the increased courage, added confidence and renewed hope you need to meet your pastoral obligations and stay energized on the course of ministry and finish well.

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  1. Vision Clarity – Vision gets murky when we’re struggling. When we immerse ourselves in ministry demands and forget our first Love, our true calling and need direction, we can help you get back on track. Let us act like a guide on your journey.
  2. Health Preservation – Spiritual, physical, social/relational, emotional and mental fitness are key components to fulfilling God’s purposes. We want to help you become fruitful and effective for God’s kingdom. We want you to bear 100x fruit!
  3. Ministry Skills – Discover how to level up on your productivity, time management, communication, strategy, or customer service skills.
  4. Friendships – You are NOT alone, and others have walked where you are now. Whether your marriage needs support or you’re feeling isolated from other men, let’s get you connected!
  5. Funding – We’ve spent YEARS working on different ways to supplement our church income without distracting us from our family or ministry. Want to know more?

Come to a Regional Campfire: We encourage and coach. God heals and affirms you and your spouse. Join the campfire, where a team of trained and affirmed pastors lead the discussion and help you process whatever you’re dealing with. Bring a chair, a Bible and a notebook. We’ll take care of the rest! (SIGNUPS COMING FALL 2017)

Intensive Care

Compassion Fatigue: Church Leaders Campfire knows how to help you recognize the signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue, discern its root causes, replenish the emptiness, and put a plan in place to avert future struggle. This program is custom made to help you rejuvenate!

If any of this describes you, you need support, and we are glad to walk with you through this season of your life.

If your spouse is a pastor, and this information seems to fit with their struggle, please contact us so we can reach out to him/her. Often, it is the selfless act of a loving spouse reaching out to us that begins the healing process for their mate.

If you are a church leader or member, and you sense your pastor could be suffering from empathy fatigue, please act to get him/her the help needed to heal from this condition. (COMING WINTER 2018)

Ministry Family Retreats: En Gedi House is our ministry home used for couples coming to Church Leaders Campfire for our week-long intensives. This beautiful home is certain to provide you the atmosphere you want and the lodging you need during your time with Church Leaders Campfire.

Ministry Coaching

God’s goal is to transform you towards Christlikeness. Coaching is characterized by these elements: Clarity, Challenge and Care. Our coaching team of seasoned, ministry veterans work with vocational ministry leaders in one-on-one coaching relationships to provide personal growth experiences for real life and leadership change. We emphasize the application of Scripture and connectivity with Christ – combined with real, strategic, management and leadership wisdom – and trust God for the results.

We believe that the coaching relationship will be unlike any relationship you’ve had. While our coaches possess significant ministry insight and demonstrated success, our coaching is not all about introducing you to “our way” of doing things, or latest and greatest shiny object, tool, or resource.

We coach through the top 5 needs, and any others as needs arise. The standard coaching experiences begins with an initial two-hour coaching session followed by two 30-minute phone sessions each month. Many leaders choose to incorporate an Encouragement Experience before they begin their coaching. A combination you might be interested could include a personal life-planning retreat day with your coach or an intensive personal adventure retreat to get to know yourself and your coach before you begin.