Author: Neil Schultz

I help church leaders and their spouses become resilient and healthy in their lives, families and ministries.
How I Have Answered the Three Questions

How I Have Answered the Three Questions

How I am Going to Love God, Love Others and Make Disciples:

1. Raise our children to be entrepreneurial and obedient followers of Jesus Christ.
2. Improve the world through business and generosity.
3. Help men discover and live out their role in the Kingdom of God.
4. Pioneer a church planting network in Idaho.

What behaviors do I need to exhibit in order to accomplish this?

What Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes do I need to develop in order to attain the above four outcomes?

The Three Core Questions of a Family Leader

The Three Core Questions of a Family Leader

“The Mass of Men live lives of quiet desperation.” – Henry David Thoreau

Every man (especially those who desire to be husbands and fathers) must ask themselves these 3 critical questions in order to clarify the direction and specifics of his (and his family’s) life:

What’s the Vision?
Where Am I Going?
What Am I Going to Do with My Life?

The Bible teaches that the greatest commandment God has given is to love Him and to love others as ourselves. The last command Jesus gave to His followers was to “make disciples of all nations.”

So… How are you going to love God, love others and make disciples?

If I Became a Senior Pastor, What Would My First Sermon Be?

If I Became a Senior Pastor, What Would My First Sermon Be?

My Confession: I was a sinner. On a regular basis, I cheated when people weren’t looking (and sometimes even when they were), I lied to save my reputation or to get out of perceived punishment, I dishonored my parents and in-laws by being rude and disrespectful to them, I stole money from God by not being ungenerous and forsaking opportunities to give to Him, I lusted after the opposite sex with my wandering eyes, I craved attention for my own glory, I saw myself as better than others in areas I felt I was competent in, I wasted my time playing video games and watching movies that gain me neither godliness or motivation toward becoming Christ-like, I chased after those hobbies and pursuits that are excessive beyond what I really need to recreate, I was a glutton who lacked self-control when eating or drinking, I chased my own dreams apart from paying attention to God and what He wanted for me, I loved ministry more than Jesus, I was prayerless for most of my day to day life, I sought my own comfort and pleasure rather than an intimate relationship of prayerful dependence on God, I slandered my bosses, stole from them in the form of taking home office supplies and never repaying back, I played music for audiences for the sake of expanding my own glory and stealing praise and attention from God, I gave my fill to course joking and wrongful speech, I dressed too casual and at times immodest, I relied upon myself to get me through hard times, I was bitter toward my brother to the point of wanting to physically (and spiritually) murder him, I hated children because they cried and were out of control all the time, I was undisciplined in my work ethic, I offended my wife, neglected my children’s spiritual needs by not leading them in family devotions, and I craved whatever appetite that pleased me in the moment.

The Lord Jesus Christ is my God, Saviour and Master. He made me a Saint. “‘I’ have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer ‘I’ who lives but Christ lives in me” (Galatians 2:20). He made me holy, He gave me His Holy Spirit (Eph. 1:13-14), He has traded in the “old me” with Christ–the “new me,” He is the One in control of my life and circumstances now (was He not before? I just recognize His Sovereignty now), He helps me lead my family spiritually by holding daily family devotions, He helps me love my wife as He loves me (Eph. 5:25), He gives me self-control which enables me to eat appropriate portions and to keep my eyes for my wife only, He battles on my behalf when I earnestly seek Him for direction and wisdom, He protects my family in many ways, He is the center-point for ministry whom I perform for, He is the best Boss in the universe and worthy of total praise and admiration and hard work, He kills my laziness and gets me to work hard and well, He caused a great love and compassion for children, causing me to desire as many children as He gives us, He controls my appetites and reminds me when they get excessive, He reminds me to confess to others and seek their forgiveness when I trespass against them, He carries me through hard times and keeps me close.

When I was a sinner, I thought I ran my life. It was all about me. Now that He has made me a holy one–a saint, He lives in me and glorifies Himself, who is worthy of it. It’s all about Him!

As a man, I want the Lord Jesus Christ to be in control and to be praised.
As a family, I want the Lord Jesus Christ to be in control and to be praised.
As a church (a family of families), I want the Lord Jesus Christ to be in control and to be praised.
As a city, I want the Lord Jesus Christ to be in control and to be praised.
As a nation, I want the Lord Jesus Christ to be in control and to be praised.
As a world, I want the Lord Jesus Christ to be in control and to be praised.

It’s getting late… 11:58pm. I want to reflect more on this and revise when I’m able to do so more coherently. Good night! More to come soon.

Wild At Heart: Bring your Band of Brothers!

Wild At Heart: Bring your Band of Brothers!

Here are some of the issues we need to deal with as we look at being a Real Man:
1. The Heart of a Man
2. The Poser and the Question
3. The Wound
4. How to Heal the Wound
5. A Battle to Fight
6. An Adventure to Live
7. A Beauty to Rescue
8. A Band of Brothers

This will help you REALLY Live!

“Every Man Dies; Not Every Man Really Lives.” ~ William Wallace, in Braveheart

My First Band of Brothers

My First Band of Brothers

These are my best friends on earth. I love these men dearly. The brothers of mine deserve great eternal rewards for being willing to put up with a shlub like me. We began to meet together in close community in the early weeks of 2003. This picture is of us together at a nice home on some acreage in Brownwood, Texas on March 14, 2004.

Kent Welkener, Neil Schultz, Paul Rasmussen, Mark Munden
This is My Son, Whom I Love

This is My Son, Whom I Love

When I first met him, he came out of his mommy’s tummy (at least that’s where we tell him he’s from). When I first laid eyes on him, the first words that I could think of were God the Father’s words about Jesus at His baptism: “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” (Matthew 3:17 NASB)

He’s now two and a half years old, and I am so proud of him! I am WELL pleased with him.

Please pray for him that he grows to become a mighty man of God as he learns to be obedient to his daddy and mommy. He’s going to have a baby sister soon, so he’s going through some major changes right now, but I’m sure that God will use our consistent love and presence to help him be secure through it all.

Wellspring Guitar

Wellspring Guitar

I have been teaching people how to play the guitar since 1994. I love it. I have my own website now that can be seen at

I call it “Wellspring Guitar” because of Proverbs 4:23 (NIV) which says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” The heart is central to who we are and what we do. Not to mention, the name also has much to do with our house church, Wellspring Church. They’re connected in the sense that I am the instructor of the guitar teaching business, and I am a volunteer leader for the church.

Check it out some time. If you’re interested, perhaps take a lesson or two! 🙂

Organic Church

Organic Church

This is the penultimate book on what it looks like to be the Church. The Church of Jesus Christ is a group of people who have been saved by Jesus, called to fulfill His mission together in community on earth. This book is a great help to anyone who yearns to lead His Church, but may be a bit reluctant to do so for fear of lacking the ability. Want genuine transformation? Want to see Jesus be the Star Player in your life and church? Please read this!