Banded Together

Banded Together

What is the Church?

The Church is a group of people who have been saved by Christ and who have banded together to accomplish God’s mission of making disciples in their local area and around the globe.

We meet together for the purpose of fellowship, worship, and spiritual formation. Between meetings, they disperse throughout their community, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, or wherever they find themselves, in order to build loving relationships with lost people for the purpose of helping them follow Christ.

We are banded together to help people follow Christ locally and globally.

  • Chris Dennis

    Is it still a church if most of the congregation just shows up on Sunday, and than goes about the rest of the week without a thought to God or church? I often wonder what it takes to fire up the church body and have them share the joy of salvation.

    And by sharing the joy it isn't always a direct one on one contact, it could be through the sending of missionaries, the invitation to church of an unsaved friend or by many other means.

    So many churches today have just turned into clubs with a religious overtone. How truly sad.

  • The Traveler

    To Encourage and Exort — with GREAT patience and understanding. Smaller home-style settings are ideal for this type of environment, as long as they are carefully governed, so that they do not become another social club.

    It is in our very nature to be "perfect" (so to speak) We want to come across as being holy, pure, and hate it when someone points out something in our lives right?

    Very interesting though, that the very thing we need (a fellow brother in the Lord carefully watching over our hearts), we reject, because it offends our flesh.

    If only we could come to the place where, because of long-term, intimate relationships, we had grown to trust each other so much, that we could rely on each other to look out for our hearts.

    This is a true friend and brother. But it takes risk to get there. You've got to risk exposing who you are, and step out and get to know people — intimately.

    I have a feeling that Christ and His disciples knew each other in this way.

  • The Traveler

    But I like your addition, Neil … To go out.

    What good is all this love if we keep it within this tight community.

    I fault us modern-day Christnais/churches for 2 things.

    1) Not growing to Christ-like maturity.
    2) Not going/reaching out.

    The result is that we plant weak-spirited, wimpy churches and/or demonstrate hypocracy in the community.

    One of the greatest reasons we are afraid to evangelize, is that we aren't proud of our mamby-pamby heritage. This is because we are not considered warriors for Christ, and not respected as such.

    The Church hasn't always been this way. Only in the recent centuries has the church been looked upon as a place for the weak. Sure, we will be persecuted like Christ was, but I'm not talking persecution. I'm talking lack of respect.

    They were persecuted not because they were weak, but because they were causing a stir to the established kindoms and authorities of the day. They were persecuted because they were challenging religion and authority of the day. It is NOT persecution when a few on main street laugh at you because you are a Christian. That's what modern-day American church as persuaded us to believe persecution is.

    I was talking to a Christian the other day and asked him what the purpose of the Church was. He responded "to save the lost souls." This was sort of profound to me, because I had always had the "to build mature Christians" perspective. You see, I think the purpose of the church lies in the balance between both of these thoughts.

    It is difficult to save lost souls when we are immature Christians. It's sort of like taking a college course from a 2nd grade student. Sure you could learn something, but will it be enough to build a strong foundation, with which to expand?

    We really need strong, warrior training, so that as an army for Christ, they will fear Him, because His army is coming.

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