Blogging in China

Blogging in China

Here in San Diego, CA, we have a talk radio station on 89.5 FM, which I was listening to while driving to the grocery store yesterday afternoon after work. The talk show I was listening to was about the increasing popularity of blogging in China.

One single woman in her 20’s said she enjoys blogging about her favorite subject–herself. She is an only child and has little concern for anything beyond herself.

Another gentleman, a journalist, has loftier goals of getting political views across to the masses. Unfortunately, his blog was removed by Microsoft in conjunction with international law, referring to a clause regarding not communicating political views which conflict with current government. This man is outraged because the internet is difficult to police, however, Microsoft seems to be able to do just that.

There are 111 million Chinese bloggers today, according to this news report, and the numbers continue to rise. This is quite an extensive medium to get ideas across to an enormous audience.

Our world is definitely in the Information Age. As more people espouse ideas and communicate across geo-political barriers, more opportunities for chaos OR for unconditional love to occur will increase. My hope in having this blog is to communicate ideas that will nourish the soul of the reader, and help them understand who Jesus Christ really is. In the process, perhaps you will get to know me better as well.

I hope to begin more outreach to Chinese bloggers, that you may see the true freedom that is in Jesus Christ and trust in His forgiveness of sin. May you begin to follow His love and calling in your unique life.

Those of you reading this… will you help me reach the bloggers in China?

Thank you!

  • Steven Downey

    I don't know how to go about doing that but since i am going to start learning Mandarin Chinese and desire to work/live in China as of now, i would love to obey the Lord's call in that area. just let me know what i can do

  • Tina Brown

    You know that MCFBC has an ongoing ministry in China now…including coffee house chats etc!! Might be fun for some of your friends/church members to join them??

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