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Funding & Finances – We all hear you say “God provides; He’s taking care of us,” but does your spouse agree? We’ve never heard a pastor complain he has too much money for his family. We’ve spent YEARS working on different ways to supplement our church income without distracting us from our family or ministry. Want to learn more?

What Happened to Neil Schultz?

What Happened to Neil Schultz?

Hi. Remember me? Neil Schultz? Yes, it’s been months. There’s a story to tell here. I deeply missed you all. I missed the interactions over the phone, over Skype, over LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and email. I miss you. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you all.

Three months ago, my family and I left the church where I served as Senior Pastor. It was not pretty. In fact, it was the result of a brutal four hour long business meeting which my wife and I were uninvited from. No defense. No voice. No opportunity to lead, love or even explain. No, there were no moral (or biblical) grounds for such treatment. No immoral internet accounts or inappropriate relationships. My preaching was solid. Relationally we tried as best we could to connect. Ultimately, it was not a good fit. Rather than get revenge or retaliate, I’ve discovered it best to take the moral high ground, forgive, and move forward with a limp as best we can. They have no idea of the damage done as a result of how hard their heated, aggressive, emotionally charged vote made our life this Summer.

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Kickstarter | Spread the Word

Kickstarter | Spread the Word

We want to help church leaders and their spouses around the world become resilient and healthy.

Please engage with us as we seek to develop ebooks, courses, tools, books, conferences, consulting and a membership site.

I currently serve in the National Guard, pastor a church, and perform odd jobs to make ends meet which pull me away from what I believe is God’s calling on my family’s life. If I reach my Christian Kickstarter (also here at Kickstarter) goal, I am going to focus maximum time, energy and effort into my project and end my ancillary obligations (while remain pastoring). These proceeds will purchase equipment, themes, software, and plugins necessary to launch this startup.

As a way of showing our gratitude for your donation of $17 USD or above, for a limited time until March 2015, we are giving away a free copy of our first ebook, “Plan to Produce Fruit: Your Guide to Healthy and Resilient Ministry.”

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