Compelled to Create

Compelled to Create

Compelled to Create?

Yes, I said compelled to create. I am compelled to create. I agree with Jeff Goins in this very thought-exploding statement. I grew up very musical. I even attended San Diego State University for a year so I could study Vocal Performance in Opera. I loved every music class. That strenuous training prepared me to take the stage as a speaker as well as a singer. After a year, I left there and attended Christian Heritage College, now called San Diego Christian College. I put music in the backseat of my life and kept it as a tool for ministry. However, I just read Jeff Goins’ “The Writer’s Manifesto” and about fell over backward to realize that he actually gets me. I love his writings and here’s his new book: Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into your Comfortable Life.

There are times when I wake up and I am just compelled to create something. A song, a ditty, a blog post, a legos spaceship, boat, or building. I HAVE to make something. Scrambled eggs, a sermon, a drawing, a workbench. SOMETHING!!!

Yes! I am compelled to wonder. To dream. To express. I have something to say! “Even if the words have yet to come.”

The hardest part of my adventure in helping church leaders make a secondary income from simply blogging is to simply… start… myself. I’ve got to begin somewhere. Doesn’t it seem like I start a whole LOT of things, but at times, fail to finish? Or, as I have been told, I am “selective on the follow through.” Perhaps. But I’m learning. As Dr. John Maxwell calls it, I am “Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success.”

Yahoo! I am compelled to create because I am a child of the Creator of the Universe!

Every day is a latter day, leading up to THAT Day when the Lord Jesus Christ will call us up to meet Him in the air where we will enjoy a gnarly party (and the Bema judgment seat) like we’ve never known before! That’s worth spreading the message out to all the ends of the earth! The Great Commission message of “Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead” can be expressed in numerous forms! The function is the same: Get that message OUT!

Show Up to Get it Out

I’ve got to simply show up. I used to work for a friend who talked about others who were successful in life and business. He talked about how many simply just “show up” and grow beyond their excuse-making brethren who end up failures. Being compelled to create, I must show up too. Without applause, without fame, without expectation of greatness. Show up to get it out and leave the results of the Great Commission to God.

Questions: What are you compelled to create? Do you need help in showing up?

  • For me it’s writing. I do it for ministry purposes. I do it to publicize the ministry. I do it to get paid. But mostly I do it because I love it.

    • Wow Bud! Praise God you have the blessing and the burden of loving what you do.

  • Kit Mckee

    Great article Neil. There is only two fails to ultimately fail. 1. Do nothing, 2. Give up. The rest is just the journey from where we are to where we are going.

    • Well said; Thank you, Kit. That’s why Maxwell’s Failing Forward is mentioned. That journey is filled with blunders and mistakes but learning to avoid them as a result of them, is a journey worth taking. Great response, Kit!

  • Emmanuel Moses MackFord Lumwir

    Well Neil, that’s a powerful article, am blessed and encouraged

    • Thanks Emmanuel! May the Lord use you in mighty ways to create for His glory and to your joy!

  • Jo-Ann Hoye

    Neil, you spoke directly to my heart with the passion, the desire to CREATE! I share with you in those moments when I have to create a dance, a poem, a play production, an article — something that engages the creative mind that Christ gave me!

    I graduated from San Diego State, many rains ago and it was there where God began to plant the seeds to grow for His Creative Calling in my life! Thanks for this article!

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