Defining Leadership Activity

Defining Leadership Activity

Defining Leadership Activity

So… what do YOU do? It’s a fair question most people end up asking each other in social settings. When we are in church settings however, that question can often times become more difficult to answer. How do we measure or quantify what we do? Especially when planning out a new church plant or business, or even starting a family, defining leadership activity becomes a core essential in establishing your leadership. So, church leader, what do you do? As soon as possible, define what you DO and what you DON’T DO. 

What DON’T You Do?

“I DON’T do windows!” Is an oft-quoted phrase for television maids. Something like it applies to church leaders too. Sometimes defining leadership activity might be easier if we clarified what we DON’T do. Although I can’t answer this for you, ask yourself, what activities are specified in my written job description (if you have one)? What activities are NOT in your written job description but could be if you sense God is leading you and your leadership agrees/approves?

Are you a church planter? I guarantee you’ll be wearing a lot of hats to start with unless you have people around you with defined roles. I recommend you DON’T DO tasks you’re not good at. I recommend you inspire people to help you with the areas you’re weak at. You’ll have to start saying “No” to certain tasks so you can focus on your strengths.

What DO You Do?

Tasks usually land between two areas: People tasks and Administrative tasks. Are you really good at pastoral care (counseling, home visitation, funerals, workplace visits, etc.)? Then consider delegating other more administrative, repetitive or office-centric tasks to those whose strengths lie in that area. Do you love casting vision, recruiting ministry leaders, or inspiring others  to live out their God-given calling? Perhaps that’s an area of strength for you and you may need to align your job description (within the boundaries of prudence and gaining your leadership’s approval) according to doing that more.

Perhaps an over-simplified way of defining leadership activity for you is to simply DO your strengths and DON’T DO your weaknesses. Two resources to help you do this are:

1. The Unity Factor: Developing a Healthy Church Leadership Team,

2. Sticky Teams: Keeping Your Leadership Team and Staff on the Same Page

Defining Leadership Activity is Self-Care

Leadership is an art… it’s one way to display your own self-care. If you perform the art of leadership well by defining leadership activity early on, you will enjoy the fruit of your labor, which will feel like a joy. If the precedent of defining leadership activity early on was not set, you’ll have a harder time realigning or negotiating your job description with those whose expectations have already been set. When that happens, work can sometimes become a drudge.

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