Dragonfly Finds Clarity at Bogus Basin

Dragonfly Finds Clarity at Bogus Basin

Blogging or fruitful online ministry hasn’t come naturally to me. I like writing. I enjoy people. I love God. I love my family. I work four jobs and have six children. Life isn’t so… easy… these days. I’ve been frustrated with my inconsistency in writing, but am clinging on to the idea that this blog is only just getting started. This blog has been relatively unclear and all over the map; somewhat like the flight path of a dragonfly. I’ve needed clarity for a very long time. I’m doing too much.

About a month ago on a rare day off, I took my first-born son up a nearby large mountain for a hike (I left any form of fire-making at home–I told him, “No son, I’m NOT bringing a knife, matches, or wood, nor are we looking for any rams in thickets!).

The purpose of our hike was to gain clarity from God.

What we received was GOD Himself.

With a Bible, a notebook, different colored pens and a devotional book (I am reading Daily in Christ by Neil T. and Joanne Anderson, and wow, is it raising new awareness of my identity in Christ and my affect on the spirit world!), I was ready to hear from God.

We hiked for quite a while, enjoyed the amazing scenery of Bogus Basin, just outside of Boise, Idaho. The view is breathtaking and perspective is JUST what we both needed. I suppose where the air is thinner and the temperature is cooler (in April, there was still snow on the ground), one is better positioned to gain clarity and hear from God.

Prayer, prayer, and walking around. Reading, prayer, reading, walking, and writing. I found clarity at Bogus Basin. God revealed Himself to me. THEN He revealed His desire for me. He reminded me that I am to be “the best ME God created me to be.” Does that sound a bit sophomoric? Perhaps simple. But certainly profound. If you knew me, you’d agree.

Remember the dragonfly? I’m all over the map! Vocationally, I’ve been a local church minister/pastor since 1994. But I’ve also had many other jobs. Military chaplain, hospital chaplain, online bookstore owner and warehouse manager, insurance agent, IT tech support specialist, just to name a few. These are just the pursuits I’ve lived the past year! Talk about a multipotentialite! This link is on an article I wrote titled, “Overcoming Scatterbrain.” Yes, it’s frustrated my wife. It’s even frustrated ME. But through all of this, I received clarity.

If a dragonfly finds clarity at Bogus Basin, then what did it find?

I found that God wants me to serve you. Pastors.


By getting organized and laser-focused on our mutual top 5 needs, which are in no particular order:

  1. Vision Clarity
  2. Funding
  3. Health Preservation
  4. Isolation – Deep Friendships
  5. Time & Self Management

These are areas I’ve struggled in and have found significant help and resources for. Will you allow us to join your side?

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