Easter Church Giveaways

Easter Church Giveaways

Looking for an Easter Church Giveaway for this Easter?

@NelsonSearcy is a mentor of mine on the subject of #ChurchGrowth. In his excellent work, “Maximizing Easter,” he contends:

“Easter is arguably the biggest day of the year in the life of the church, with Christmas being its only competition. We tend to plan more precisely for Christmas because it is the same day every year. Everyone is looking toward it. Since Easter Sunday’s date varies, it can sneak up on you – and on the unchurched people in your community – if you aren’t careful. But with a little forward thinking and strategic planning on your part, you can work with God as he uses this singular day to draw people to himself in much larger numbers than any other time throughout the year.”

That being said, we need to start thinking about Easter long before it approaches. You and the church you serve have no greater opportunity to invite people in your community to attend your church than EASTER SUNDAY, April 5th!

Last year, our church literally DOUBLED in size from 62 the week before to 126 on Easter Sunday. Glory to God! We spent three weeks in preparation for Easter Sunday. Our wonderful congregation prayed for God to bring 125 that day. He brought one extra. That’s SO God!

Now, were we really ready to handle that growth? I wish I could say “YES.” But we weren’t. We had relatively weak systems in place to adequately care for those people through the vehicle of small groups. With the exception of a carefully planned sermon series which actually BEGAN on Easter Sunday, we didn’t really have much to offer these new people to come back to. However, this post is really about Easter church giveaways.

Easter Church Giveaways

We are preparing gift bags. Aside from the church brochure that will make it in these bags, some will have $5 Starbucks cards. Others will have $5 Automobile Gas cards. All of them will have a small book titled, How Good is Good Enough? by Andy Stanley.

There are many choices of inexpensive packs of good Christian books out there for Easter, but this year, we are deciding to address the issue of being good enough (or not) with people who attend.

Easter Church Giveaways


From the outside looking in, one might think these attendees are being bribed. However, we are not advertising Easter church giveaways to the community. We simply want to bless the community. We want to leave a good impression that churches GIVE TO, not take from people. In this instance, we care to help people understand that without Jesus Christ, no one is good enough for eternal life, getting saved, getting into Heaven.

What are YOUR Easter Church Giveaways this year? Got any ideas to share in the comments below?

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