End of Life Toolbox – Honor Loved Ones, Be the Hero

End of Life Toolbox – Honor Loved Ones, Be the Hero

Why an End of Life Toolbox?

As a Pastor, you encounter people who need care because they just lost a loved one. Our End of Life Toolbox is a vital tool in helping you provide and perform this most important event in the lives of families. In my experience, most pastors don’t leave seminary with any sense of how to conduct them. I went through Bible college and seminary, and even military Chaplain training, but it wasn’t until I served as a Funeral Director and Mortician that I learned this most critical art. Furthermore, how do you multitask when there are multiple occurrences of death at the same time?

I’ve created a resource for you on how to conduct funerals, memorial services, celebrations of life and gravesides. The resource is called the “End of Life Toolbox.”

What’s Inside?

It contains full scripts (they’re short and sweet but thorough and respectful). It includes what to say, and more importantly, what NOT to say at the hospital, home hospice, care facility or nursing home or in the home of the one recently deceased.

Most people aren’t thinking about theirs or their loved one’s funerals. Details are a shock to the system (and so is the price tag)! Therefore, our End of Life Toolbox contains a one page planner for these various services. As a result, when you’re meeting with the family, you can lead them and ensure they plan the service exactly the way they want. You then also have a tool to capture all your notes and delegate responsibilities to staff or volunteers.

Also included are a number of brief prayers you can pray to help comfort the grieving and encourage the loved ones left behind.

How do you respond when grieving people tell you they’ll start coming to church now that their loved one is gone and you’ve shown such compassion for them and their family? We’ll give you hints and tips along the way.


The End of Life Toolbox is a SYSTEM, which is designed to Save You Stress, Time, Energy or Money. It’s a simple system, but so effective, you’ll ensure you will not only honor the loved one, but possibly even see fruit in your ministry and congregation.

Leave a comment below if you’re interested. We are looking for five Beta Testers to try it out and give us their feedback.

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