Establishing Our Leadership

Establishing Our Leadership

Establishing Our Leadership

Establishing our leadership in various settings is critical if we want to succeed in our endeavors. Whether establishing our leadership with a new puppy to tell your new dog who’s Alpha, or leading your children at home, leaders set expectations and culture. In planting a new church, establishing our leadership is a fine art that needs to be set before even starting.

Whether your organization is brand-new, or been around for a long time, let’s face it: your leadership will be questioned. Well-meaning people will test your boundaries. Ministry tasks will take over your schedule like a terrorist. Let’s create a strategic, intentional plan for establishing our leadership role in the church we start or the established church we serve. This is the first of several posts on the subject, and I’m creating an ebook about establishing our leadership in starting churches or businesses.

1. Hold closely to your vision and be CLEAR about it, because it WILL be challenged.

– What is our domain as leader? Our domain is Vision, Values, Mission. YOU set the DNA, the culture of your staff, your organizational values.

– There are vision-stealers all over the place… whether a leader on your team, or a key volunteer. They mean well, but it’s acceptable to be somewhat mean about it. You can say something such as: “I appreciate what God’s doing in your heart, but that’s not what He’s doing here.”

– Basically, will we trust God knowing it’s going to be a painful conversation with some, or perhaps a painful decision to release those leaders or volunteers?

– In establishing our leadership we need to make sure the leadership team knows and OWNS the vision with you.

When we started our first church, I didn’t understand the importance of establishing our leadership. I allowed others to add to what they understood me to be saying in what kind of church we wanted to start. Unfortunately, I was unclear and was misunderstood. My vision was shaky when we started to plant that church, and I was so desperate to have others join us in the journey that I abdicated my leadership role. Regretfully, my relationship with that church ended due to the vision being hijacked. I was unclear which didn’t allow me to hold closely or stand firm in it.

Hold closely to your vision and be CLEAR about it, because it WILL be challenged.


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