Family Values

Family Values

What are your highest priorities? What kind of people do you want your children to be? What contributions do you want to make in this life?

The definition of core values, according to Dr. Aubrey Malphurs of Dallas Theological Seminary, are “the constant, passionate, biblical core beliefs that drive [you].” (Values-Driven Leadership, 34.)

Reasons for clarifying and communicating core values for your family are of great importance. Here’s a few:
1. They help determine your family unit and family members’ unique distinctives.
2. Dictates what your family unit and family members will be personally involved in.
3. They communicate what’s important to you.
4. They influence the individual family member’s behavior.
5. They inspire the individual family member to action for the sake of the whole family unit.

(Adapted from Values-Driven Leadership by Dr. Aubrey Malphurs, 29-30).

Here’s a list of what my family unit values. Some of these are more aspirational than actual right now, but we are determined to move toward them!
1. Family
2. Personal Development
3. Good Stewardship
4. Serving others
5. Disciple-making
6. Friendships
7. Children
8. Virtues (see above Post)

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