Gaping Holes in Ministry Training

Gaping Holes in Ministry Training

Many young pastors, church planters and leaders are being trained in Bible colleges, seminaries, seminars and conferences. This rise in training is exciting and very good! These organizations train many skills in church growth and ministry leadership such as how to start small groups, improve worship teams, how to make preaching more effective, strengthen systems and develop more consistent givers. All of these are incredibly valid, necessary and good. The Church needs more effective leaders.

However, this side of ministry leadership is one side of the ministry coin. A gaping hole exists in our ministry training. Many church leaders are void of skills such as resiliency in the face of pain. We weren’t taught how to endure broken people while remaining unscathed ourselves. How many of us were modeled how to lead our families spiritually while leading a church or protecting our children from church problems or thriving in our marriage relationship? Not many of us were trained in resolving conflict biblically, handling crisis after crisis without acting in “crisis mode,” or how to operate out of principle rather than convenience or fear. How many of us are able to procure financial income for our family independent from a church without encroaching on our family’s time and energy? Whew! These are all areas often neglected in church leadership training.

Did you know that over 1,700 pastors leave the ministry permanently every month… just in America alone? That’s a lot of hurting people who love God. Especially when you add their wives and children to that number. The number grows astronomical when you take into account all of the hurting pastors and their families who are still trudging along in ministry while wounded. Wounded not by the arrows of “the enemy,” but by their own people….”friendly fire.”

We want to help turn that tide. If you sense you need this kind of ministry training (encouragement, coaching, healing and friendship) in your life, go to our Contact page and fill out the form. We will respond to get what you need.

  • Jerry Jencks

    what can i do.i know he is soon coming.we’ll be a “perfect” church.that kind of church is like Yeshua/Jesus.He has lost only the man of sorrow.we must do as HE does.

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