Health Preservation

Health Preservation

Health preservation is a HUGE concern among church leaders. Ministry is stressful, demanding, and not natural–hint: it’s supernatural. Because we live this life in the flesh, we struggle in the space between the demands of our flesh (the traitor within) as well as the demands of others, and the life-giving Spirit of God whose grace and rest are readily accessible.

The areas of health preservation we all constantly deal in are:

  1. Physical health – Are you sweating profusely in the pulpit? Do team meetings often include dessert?
  2. Emotional health – Are you fit and ready for the emotional challenges of ministry?
  3. Mental health – How about polishing up on your old Greek or Hebrew notes? You’ll be surprised by the mental health benefits!
  4. Social/Relational health – You alone? Isolated? We’ll talk specifically more about this in our area addressing this main topic.
  5. Spiritual health – Jesus wants us to bear fruit, right? Apart from Him, He says we can do NOTHING. Does our daily schedule reflect that notion?

Fitness in these areas are key components to fulfilling God’s purposes. We want to help you become fruitful and effective for God’s kingdom. We want you to bear 100x fruit!

Soon, you’ll be able to click on each of these areas and gain help and insight. You’ll find inspiration, encouragement, coaching, friends on a similar path and even begin the process of healing as you seek to become more like Jesus Christ in each of these areas of health preservation.

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