Make Money

Make Money

How to make money online

Looking to make money online?

Are you keeping your options open to making a secondary income on top of what you’re doing now?

Many pastors and church leaders have mentioned to us in a survey or in conversation that income is an important topic, although their humility (or perhaps pride?) disallows them from opening up the real details.

Nonetheless, it is a growing trend within smaller churches that their church leaders are financially struggling. Are you a church planter struggling to find financial supporters? Are you a missionary or ministry leader in the midst of a drop in your fund raising?

Our goal is to supplement your family income without having to take too much time away from your mission or home.

Many church leaders are weary of the idea of taking up a second part-time job or have their spouse employed as a second household income.

Regardless of the reasons or fears, we’d like to help with that area of concern.

Although there are an abundance of websites out there on how to make money online on the internet, or online income, we prefer to promote one way to aid your financial concerns in order to free you up to serve our Lord Jesus as He called you.

Take a look at the subpages, and you’ll find our main area of interest for online income. So far, there are three options we use and endorse to make money online by:

  1. Blogging whatever you’re passionate about
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Virtual Support Services (Hourly call center from home)
  4. Mobile Apps, Surveys, Emails and Online Odd Jobs