Earn Extra Income. Become an Online Biblical Advisor

Earn Extra Income. Become an Online Biblical Advisor

Every once in a while, a great opportunity comes our way. It’s not easy to just “get a job” right away when you’re a pastor. Churches are not like Wal-Mart or The Home Depot where hiring can be more simple than six months of interviews and being one of several hundred candidates.

However, if you’re looking to Earn extra income doing what you love, then I say go for it and do it, as long as it doesn’t take you away from your family or the duties and responsibilities of where you minister.

Here’s a great way I am currently doing that. Earn extra income and Become an online Biblical Advisor. Join me over at Gospel Guidance… They need more online advisors/counselors! You don’t have to have a counseling or psychology degree, and the payout is helpful to you as you help others! It’s a win/win, and who doesn’t want that?

Try them here: Gospel Guidance