How to Respond When You’re Forced Out of a Church

How to Respond When You’re Forced Out of a Church

Thom Rainier’s (@ThomRainer) #podcast addresses a very painful reality that some #pastors and staff go through in the local church.  No one wants this as part of their #resumé, but being forced out of a church happens. Thom gives great advice on how to navigate the waters when leaving a local church was not your idea.  Listen to How to Respond When You’re Forced Out of a Church whether you’ve walked through a similar season or not.  It will be of help to you and to other staff to whom you minister.

In a nutshell, the responses discussed in this podcast are:

  1. Take care of your family.
  2. Pray with specificity.
  3. Find a healthy church.
  4. Move carefully before taking another ministry position.
  5. Count your blessings.
  6. Become an advocate for other victims.
  7. Don’t give up.

Forced Out of a Church?

I’ve been forced out of a church a few times in 24 years of local church ministry. There are times when I have felt ashamed, like a loser, a piece of skubela (In the Greek, it’s a ———), and have faced trials of unimaginable pain and difficulty as I have tried to lead my #family #spiritually from a place of sudden #emptiness. While trying to find a source of income, and a new church. Thinking longer-term, another ministry, just after my marriage has undergone some healing and maybe some #counseling. Rebuilding the financial ruin of sudden loss of employment and income. Churches don’t pay into unemployment, so if you try going down that road, you’re up the creek. Besides, we think, what’s a pastor without a flock to shepherd? I’ve discovered that my family is my first and primary flock! They are the ones I must disciple first and most steadfastly! So the temptation becomes turning inward to lick the wounds. But fight that impulse and listen to this podcast today!

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