Jesus Has Power Over Demons

Jesus Has Power Over Demons

How does Jesus have power over demons? This is one of my many stories how Jesus displayed His power through me. Grab a mug of tea and read this slowly. Just for starters, the beginning of my story is rather plain. Or so I thought.

Beginning my Spiritual Journey

The Lord Jesus Christ saved me from the ultimate penalty of my sins on August 16, 1992 (one month before my Senior year in High School began). I placed my trust in Him while asking questions about heaven and eternal life at Grace Community Church in Ramona, CA. I remembered the date because that was the first day I had ever owned a Bible of my own. The Youth Pastor had me write the date in it so I wouldn’t forget.

One year later, I graduated from High School, and attended San Diego State University where I was pursuing an up-and-coming career in opera there and had many opportunities for fame and success in the world’s eyes. In order to save money while in college, my parents agreed for me to move out from my bedroom in their house into our attached garage. It had been converted into a private living space where my older sister and brother had previously made their separate bedrooms. Since they both moved away from home the year before, I knocked out the wall between the rooms and turn it into my own little studio apartment.

Clarity Came Contemplating Ministry and Switching Colleges

After finishing my first year of college in 1994, I returned home from a significant church Summer mission trip to Guatemala. As a result of that trip, I was contemplating an unpaid ministry internship at the church working with Junior High students. That summer, I had also transferred from San Diego State to San Diego Christian College (formerly, Christian Heritage College). My goal was to exchange a self-absorbed life direction for one of music ministry to others. I wanted to help people find and follow Christ. That very night I had an experience I will never forget.

One Bright and Warm Summer Evening Turned Dark and Cold

Late that night as I was lying in bed drifting off to sleep, my window was open and the light of the full moon beamed a soft blue hue through my window blinds. During that in-between dream and awake state, I suddenly saw myself getting out of bed. It was as if I were stuck in the corner of the ceiling of my room looking down at myself. I immediately hopped out of bed  and closed the window as my room had instantly turned cold. I then saw a large, black, translucent and winged figure in my room looming over my bed. In a rapid switch of perspective like a camera angle in a movie I found myself suddenly back under the covers seeing this black winged figure reaching out for me to take my covers off! I was fully conscious and aware that my body was paralyzed! I couldn’t move for fear had strangled my entire body. I tried my hardest to say something—anything—but my voice could only mumble and words could not escape. I was afraid. I felt choked. With all of my energy and ability I finally called out “in the name of Jesus Christ leave!” At once, I felt warmth flowing from my throat, moving down my body to the ends of my toes and was now able to move and freely speak. The figure had departed, and I prayed thanking God for helping me in my time of trouble. Jesus has power over demons.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that this demonic spiritual figure had every right to be in that room. My sister had lived on that side of my room. This was where she had played Ouija board, practiced “spirit-guided” transcendental meditation, and performed homosexual acts there. My brother previously lived on the other side of the room. He was involved in a Satanic cult with a girlfriend and had many occultist records and symbols lying around the room. It makes sense that a demonic presence was allowed to enter and had not yet left. For about a year after that night, I lived there in relative peace, without further demonic activity in the room.

How Did Switching College Majors Draw the Attention of the Demonic Realm?

About a year later, I experienced a second occurrence of this type. I had moved my bed to the adjacent room where my brother previously lived and was again lying in bed at night. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary was going on, but again, I was in bed not yet asleep. I was laying there thinking about the switch in majors I made earlier that day at the college registrar office where I had switched majors from “Church Music” to “Biblical Studies: Pastoral Ministry” in order to follow God’s leading to the pastorate. Out of nowhere, a sudden jolt came and a new awareness came that I was paralyzed AGAIN. Choked, I couldn’t speak.

This time, whatever was in the room with me was lifting the foot of the bed off the ground and causing it to bounce up and down, as if picking it up and dropping it again. Moving past the fear, my immediate thought was that it must have been an earthquake. This was NOT how an earthquake felt and verified that it wasn’t one by checking the news that next morning. The nearest train station was 60 miles away, so there was no way any train was passing by. Clearly, my bed was bouncing! Was I scared? Yes. I wanted to hide under my covers, but somehow, I knew they wouldn’t protect me. I shouted again the only thing I knew to yell: “In the Name of Jesus Christ, get out of here!”

An audible voice at the foot of my bed responded with a violent, whispy, vicious, high pitched yet gravelly voice: “I am malevolent. Fear me! Die!”

The Name of Jesus has Power over Demons

Scared though I was, the only power I had against a spiritual being was Jesus Christ. I remember quoting a Bible verse out loud and defiantly to this “voice”:

“Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name,
that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” 

Philippians 2:9-11, NIV

This time, the creature that I could not see at the end of the bed left the room. I knew that I was awake and was not dreaming this up. Upon sharing these experiences with others, validation has come as others shared THEIR stories of similar experiences. I’ve come to understand the New Testament is full of examples where Jesus has power over demons. Have my experiences occurred since? No, I have had no other KNOWN encounters with demonic activity in my room since, nor in any of the homes I’ve lived in.

Why These Demons Attacked

Why did these demons attack? The only interpretation I have for why these experiences happened when they did was that they came at pivotal moments of vision clarity in my life. The first was the decision to follow Jesus in a life of ministry. The second came after a major adjustment to narrow my focus on Biblical studies and pastoral ministry. I believe these demons were deployed to intimidate me into living a life without impact for Christ. Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44). His deceptions carry out three purposes:

  1. To distract us from living obedient to God
  2. To deflect us from walking in His revealed path
  3. and to dilute our fruitfulness and effectiveness in His appointed work.

If you’re looking for my highest recommended resource on how I came to the conclusions I did, buy The Handbook for Spiritual Warfare by Dr. Ed Murphy. I’ve also written about how to put on the full Armor of God through warfare prayer.

Jesus can do great things (change lives) through you and me. Living a life of fruitfulness and effectiveness for God comes out of my belief that “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” (Philippians 3:14). If I operate out of His strengths, then He can do great things through me if I simply but make the move while He steers. Jesus has power over demons!

May God be praised for the power of the Name of His Son, my Lord Jesus Christ! And for the power of Voice that He gives His children in Jesus to make an impact on this world and beyond.

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