Living Under Threat

Living Under Threat

Living under threat is foreign to me. I ministered to a young Airman yesterday who barely started their elementary school years when this Global War on Terror began in September 2001. Now he’s a part of the nation’s military, serving the USA. He has grown up in an America that is so different than the one I’ve grown up in, in the mid-70’s through 90’s.

Worldview Differences

Their worldview has formed under the notion that living under threat and that America could be attacked at any time is always a possibility. They view their job is “to stand up and defend her still today.” I grew up with the idea that wars, attacks, etc. are always “over there” and that “someone else is going to take care of us.” To me, it was always “someone else’s” job. I wasn’t going to do anything about it. His generation feels its THEIR duty to go.

Americans are always living under threat. This is the new normal. As a church leader, I am responsible to help people follow Jesus Christ in spite of this.

May God bless young men and women who want to keep this nation free and who will go anywhere they’re commanded to preserve our nation. I’m honored to be alongside them. Even I have learned to appreciate life even while living under threat.

Living Under Threat of Terrorism

Speaking of that, I encourage you to pick up a copy of this incredible book on the world’s new threat: The Rise of Isis, by Jay and Jordan Sekulow. There are several youtube videos (watch this one first, and this second) regarding the subject of what many believe to be the coming biblical Anti-Christ. There certainly ARE many comparisons in the turbulent days of the first century and with these turbulent times in which we now live.

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