Church Ministry Jobs or God’s Call to Ministry?

Church Ministry Jobs or God’s Call to Ministry?

Church Ministry Jobs or God’s Call to Ministry?

Why do I do what I do? Why do I serve a local church as a Senior Pastor? What compels me to do this? Is this just a church ministry job? Or is it much higher than that? Could it be said that this is God’s calling on my life?

2:33 Video Reminder

Today after our church’s staff meeting, I was emailed this 2 minute 33 second video by Pastor Andy Stanley titled, “What is Your Why?” I watched it. Several. Times. I was so compelled by his question that I forced myself to stop what I was in the middle of doing to go find my journal from five years ago. I just so happened to have it in my laptop bag here at church and pulled it out.

Like a frustrated lunatic attempting to scratch a maddening itch in an impossible location on his back, I frantically searched for where I wrote an important entry. I found that entry from 18 August 2010. With that question freshly ringing in my ear, “Am I merely serving a church ministry job or did I answer God’s call to ministry?” I read and re-read my entry. This is what I wrote while at a military Chaplain retreat during the Air Force’s Basic Chaplain Course at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, USA.

8/18/2010 Journal Entry

“Reflect on your call today. Not your call to the Chaplaincy or a ministry job… go further back. What day, what was the moment you heard from God and what made you want to live for something eternal; something greater than yourself?”

May I ask YOU this question as you read this? 

As I reflect on this answer in my own life, there’s quite a story to tell. It involves pagan idol worship, a dramatic encounter with a demon possessed woman at the top of a mountain, a rock god–no seriously, a granite carved face on a rock sitting on top of a Guatemalan hill, apathetic church going teenagers and adults, Mormon missionaries, and a conversion whose ripple effect created waves in Hell’s hallways. 

Beyond thinking about important questions about church ministry jobs or God’s call to ministry, I like my story. I believe it is still in progress and still painting the picture that answers these questions. But…

Question: Would you be interested in reading about my call to ministry if I wrote it? Continue the conversation on Twitter, or in the Comments section below.

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