About Neil Schultz

About Neil Schultz

Who is Neil Schultz?

Neil Schultz leads the discussion around Church Leaders Campfire.

I Am a Beloved Child of God.

I help church leaders and their spouses like you–GAIN:

  • Clarity through your CALLING,
  • Friendships through CONNECTING,
  • Productivity through COACHING,
  • Spiritual, emotional and physical health through CONSULTING,
  • Financial health through additional COMPENSATION…

… so YOU can develop a 100x fruitful life, family and ministry to the glory of God.

I’m a practitioner, just like you. I lead a growing family. I serve a growing and healthy church as a pastor in residence. God has used our family to plant a church that grew to two campuses. God is doing so much, and I want to share with you! Here’s a brief bio about me. Contact me. Let’s get in touch.

Education and Credentials

After a grueling stint in an elite music program at San Diego State University, Neil transferred to San Diego Christian College (formerly Christian Heritage College) and graduated with a BA in Biblical Studies in 1998. Neil and Robyn married just one week after college graduation. After two years of ministry in a combo role of worship leader and youth director, they relocated to Dallas, Texas, where he graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2004 with a Masters of Theology (Th.M.) in Pastoral Leadership. Neil spent 13 years with the Evangelical Free Church of America, and as of 2016 transferred his endorsements and ordination to the Southern Baptist Convention.


For almost eight years, Neil served as a Chaplain in the United States Air Force with the Idaho and California Air National Guard. During part of that time, he served as Chaplain for a Level I trauma center hospital and oncology unit in Nampa, Idaho. He also leads their family-owned online book selling company, Comeback Books.

Prior to founding Church Leaders Campfire in January 2012, Neil Schultz and Robyn have served in various pastoral staff roles within local churches since 1994. Their broad ministry experiences have served to develop an insider’s view and perspective about local church ministry and the toll it can take on its leaders (and their families). Neil’s served as a youth pastor, a family life pastor, a worship pastor, an associate pastor, a teaching pastor, and senior/lead pastor in local churches since 1994.

During those years of leading teams, starting ministries and businesses, Neil navigated the effects of leadership on the front lines of ministry. He became burdened with the need to help church leaders and their spouses at all levels, denominations and sizes with some of their prevailing personal needs, many of which were never addressed in formal training of Bible Colleges and Seminaries.


Neil Schultz loves the outdoors and enjoys reading God’s Word, playing guitar in their church worship band, and talking about real life, ministry and politics around the campfire. His greatest joy and significance comes from investing in his wife (and college sweetheart) Robyn and their growing tribe of children.

His passion is to encourage, coach, and heal church leaders and their spouses to develop resilient, healthy lives, families and ministries through coaching, retreats, writing, speaking and praying.

In order to be in closer proximity to pastors around the country, the Schultz’es relocated to the Dallas/Forth Worth area in Texas June 2017, and are glad to be back!