New Beginning

New Beginning

For months now, our blog has had much transformation. Have you noticed? No? That’s true, you wouldn’t!

There haven’t been any new posts for almost a year, but I assure you there have been prolific and epic changes in me, my marriage, my family and the resulting output we are about to unleash.

This has been a season of new beginnings. During July 2013, we relocated from the Chicago, IL area to live on a Southern California beach in our travel trailer for over a month while we waited for our renters to move out of our house back in Idaho. After a nice month or so long stay, we relocated again from the greater Los Angeles area back home to Boise, Idaho. It truly HAS been a new beginning for us all on so many fronts.

Church Leaders Campfire was put on hold as I endured rather intense military service, family illnesses (will tell you about them in subsequent posts), new job, new church, new ministry, new school for our kids, and a host of other changes. Now that it has been almost a year later, life hasn’t really slowed down much. However, my intent is to reach to newer heights and spell out for you all the new beginnings we’ve experienced, and how that will improve our ministry of Church Leaders Campfire.

We love our readers and are grateful for you all. We will be coming back online regularly soon! Thanks for the opportunity to live out a new beginning

For our Church Leaders Campfire team,

Neil Schultz

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