Obsession with Elmo Shoes

Obsession with Elmo Shoes

My family and I went to Kohl’s (an American clothing store) today to look for shoes to buy. As is our custom, we went to the “Clearance” aisle and found a really cool pair of toddler Elmo Shoes on sale for 70% off the already marked down price. It was $5.39! That’s a great deal! The shoes are one size too big for our 21 month old, but they will fit great in another month or two. I was so proud of our cute little guy for finding them.

He gets a bit obsessed with his shoes. I think he’ll make a great Shoe Collector one day. While my bride and I were in the store looking at shoes for me, he sat on the floor just holding his Elmo shoes and playing around with other Elmo shoes just like them. As we were planning to leave the store, we told him we would buy the shoes. When we asked for them so I could carry them out, he flipped. In a moment of red-faced frustration, he let out self-centered bellow and moan because we had taken away his shoes out of his hands. He didn’t know that we were going to bless him by buying them for him!

How much does this reflect you and me?

When we want something and then realize we have to wait for it, sometimes our ability to be patient is low. We Americans want it, and we want it NOW. Sadly, I behave this way many times as well. God seems to allow for us to own this thing, but we may have to wait to buy it until it’s in our budget to do so, or for some other circumstance to pass before we have the freedom to get it.

God loves us. He wants us to be like His Son the Lord Jesus Christ in everything. He wants to bless us because of our moving in that direction. But we want what we want in OUR timing, and forget that about God. All we can see is our Elmo shoes and can’t see into the near future.

Oh, I seem to remember a Psalm telling us to “Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD” (Psalm 27:14 NIV).

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