Pastoral Posture and Finding Your Voice

Pastoral Posture and Finding Your Voice

With such a curious title as “Pastoral Posture and Finding Your Voice,” you might ask yourself if I’m discussing a chiropractic lesson or a music performance lessons (hey, I WAS a vocal performance in opera major my first year in college!)

No, I don’t have a key insight into your back’s posture and why you might slouch while preaching a sermon. I COULD give voice lessons, but that’s not the focus of this blog. In fact, what HAS been the focus of this blog? If you’ve been following Church Leaders Campfire for about a year or more, you might find a smorgasbord of content here in the blog. That’s about to change.

I’ve been attending Michael Hyatt’s “Influence and Impact Summit” online and it HAS influenced me! Listening to @LysaTerKeurst, the President of Proverbs 31 Ministries, who shared about how my audience receives my message best. This is what I’m calling “Pastoral Posture and Finding Your Voice.” 

Basically, there are three voices a communicator can use toward their audience: 
1. “I’m the Expert” – This is the voice that says “You Should…” which is basically a lecture on what to do.
2. “I’m the Front Door” – This is the voice that says “You Could…” this is when I share what I’ve done (usually past-tense) but I’m not really sharing my current experiences (or failures for that matter).
3. “Out in the Field” – This is the voice that says “I May Be Two Steps Ahead of You, But I’m WITH YOU!” This is where you’re putting your arms around your tribe, congregation or family, and make friends with them.

Which one do you use in your family? Which voice do you use with the church you serve? What voice do you use when helping others?

Me? I sense the Lord’s leading to change the tone of Church Leaders Campfire. I’m switching the pastoral posture from an “I’m the Expert” to “Out in the Field” because I’m a multi-vocational minister who seeks to leverage the power of the internet to build friendships and network alongside with other Godly men and women for the sake of His message through me. I’ve found my voice, which is “I may be two steps ahead of you, but I’m WITH YOU!” because I’m a ministry practitioner and fellow traveler in God’s kingdom. 

Will you join me? More clarity and re-branding to come…

Question: What’s your pastoral posture and voice?

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