Questions about Jesus’ Family

Questions about Jesus’ Family

While Jesus was on earth:

* How did Jesus relate to his earthly/biological family members?
– His dad?
– His mom?
– His sisters?
– His brothers?
– His uncles?
– His aunts?
– His cousins?

* How did Jesus honor His parents?
– Was it ever hard to do so?
– If Jesus had non-believing parents, what would He have done?
– What would He have done if He had my parents and brother?

* How did Jesus handle the criticism/gossip of His family?
* Did His family ever misunderstand Him or misinterpret things He said or did?
* Why did Jesus never marry? Would it have been sinful if He had done so?
* If Jesus were married and had kids, how many would He have had?
* How did Jesus handle disappointments from His family?
* Did He ever have expectations of His family?

  • The Traveler

    Didn't Jesus realize that his physical family wasn't his real family?

    "Who are my mother, brother, and sisters?" (sorry about the gross paraphrase, it's early.)

    "… but those who do the will of my father."

    I wonder if He wept for his physical family? Probably, but my opinion is that it wasn't to the point where it distracted His calling to God's family. I wonder if Christ knew God's calling, and He saw this clearly enough to know who His real family was?

    Such provoking questions you have Neil.

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