Raising Kids = Discipleship

Raising Kids = Discipleship

Raising kids = discipleship.

“All the principles of discipleship can be learned in raising kids.” – Robert Coleman, at Exponential 2013.

Raising Kids = Discipleship

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At the heart of every dad like me who desires to be raising kids in view of eternity, comes the need to make discipleship simple, manageable, and effective. Unfortunately this quote is true as well: “nothing is ever so simple that it cannot be made more complicated.”

Lord, if raising kids = discipleship, then is discipleship like raising kids? If I want to imprint and impress the commands of Jesus and His firm love and holiness in another person, then is it like raising kids? Raising kids is slow, agonizing at times, feels like two-steps-forward, five-steps-back sometimes. It is releasing and letting go, but then soon afterwards, grasping and bringing back to “safety.” Raising kids = discipleship.

Oh Lord, please help us church leaders get it that to lead others in discipleship is to give of ourselves daily, and sometimes simply offering what we’ve got: the stuff of life (good, bad and ugly), memories of Bible studies completed long past (when we’re out of “fresh” interaction with God), honesty and openness about our own struggles with sin, and even providing a friendship with them. Is discipleship really about meeting together once a week to read a Christian book together, ask “hard questions” about sin struggles, a quick prayer and “see you next week?” Oh bother.

I agree with Robert Coleman, and appreciate simplicity in his statement about Raising kids = discipleship, and discipleship being like raising kids. The light bulb just went on for me.

  • Raising two girls was both a blessing and a challenge. 2 key factors: 1)Parents agree on outcomes and guidelines for discipline. 2)Be flexible, but firm. Let kids know the boundaries. Listen to what your kids are saying/asking. Don’t act like you are Zeus/Hera speaking from Mt. Olympus when discipline is enacted. Occassionally when an event or activity is being anticipated, if the special circumstances are duly noted, some rules my be held in abeyance on a one-time basis.


    BRAVO!!! What an awesome opportunity and Great calling. This is a unique Ministry that gladdens the Father’s heart. Thank you for answering to this call and Remain Blessed! Many are running away from such a call.

  • ManfredtheWonderDog

    Amen! And as my pastor and dear friend, Voddie Baucham, teaches – all education is discipleship. The Scripture says a pupil will become like his teacher, so we must be careful who teaches our children and discipline ourselves to set godly examples for them. Always holding out the gospel of Jesus Christ to them and praying to God for their salvation.

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