Republican Platform 2016 and You, Pastor

Republican Platform 2016 and You, Pastor

One Pastor’s Hope for a U.S. GOP Republican Platform 2016

Should Pastors take part in politics? My response is YES!! Let’s look at the 2016 Republican Platform to see if anything resonates with you, whether or not you are Republican. Think about your own platform to influence others. Pretty amazing isn’t it? The pulpit has long been a distributor of influence over any nation’s people. Pastor, let’s wield it now with faith, hope and love; with strength and honor. The American GOP stands for Great Opportunity Party. America has been known for centuries now as the “Land of Opportunity.” Therefore, let’s return to our roots as a standing principle if we are going to “Make America Great Again.” I want to address my opinions on three broad issues in this post today: American Exceptionalism, American Values and Restoring the American Dream.

American Exceptionalism, Foreign Policy, and National Security


Israel is the most important country on Earth (one need look no further than the New Testament to discover God’s national priorities). God promised to bless any country that blesses Israel (Genesis 12:1-3 and Romans 15:27). We need to bless Israel and keep her at the center of our foreign policy and domestic interests.

American Exceptionalism - Republican Platform
American Exceptionalism, Foreign Policy & National Security

American military

Total force strength is weaker than it ever has been, where our four main branches are all classified as “Marginal.” See 2016 report here. Let’s rebuild our total force strength by reallocating resources away from ineffective government programs and jobs toward military personnel and equipment.


China is a fast growing nation and economy. It’s impressive. Furthermore, growing concerns over China’s foreign and domestic policies affect both trade and our national defense. Their presence looms ever larger on the world stage, and on our streets. As a result, it’s time to respectfully buy back our own land and equity investments from them. See WND report here. Keep American interests in the United States of America.

I’m not a National Socialist or a Nazi. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ first. My worldview places the global kingdom of God at the center of my map. Second place in my attention is the nation of Israel, as it has been specifically planted in the land since 1947.

Families, Great Schools and Safe Neighborhoods

Let’s take a look at these three issues.

Public Education

Public education is a project which produces dismal results. Tightening its grip on public education is NOT the answer to the problem. My question is “What is the role of government in educating her people?” 

Abigail Adams said: “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.” Who seeks learning and education? The responsibility lie with parents. TWO of them, MAN and WOMAN, working together for the development, nurture and provision for their children. Wouldn’t be awesome if the government actually considered supporting traditional families?


Our government’s job is to protect the people it serves. Look no further than the now varied “Lives Matter” movements. You’ll easily notice the rampant crime it espouses and the angry mobs they stir up to promote criminal acts. Substance abuse is a crime. Is “hate speech” really a crime? REALLY? What happened to the First Amendment? I notice frequent abuses of the First Amendment by those who hate pastors, Christians, or anyone who disagrees with their agendas or ways.

Poverty and Economic Mobility

Government’s job is NOT to create jobs, regulate education or dispense welfare indefinitely. Public and economic mobility is a growing trend that government can assist in the care of its people through various welfare programs. Innovation through education and opportunity is the answer to combating poverty and economic mobility.

How do you feel about the 2016 Republican Platform?


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