Resurrection Sunday Aftershock

Resurrection Sunday Aftershock

My body aches… my feet hurt… my eyes are tired… if you cut me open right now, I think I’d have chocolate running through my veins.

Last week was a busy week as the Easter week is the busiest week of the Christian calendar. We had Maundy Thursday service, Good Friday service, Passover Seder on Saturday, and Sunday was the coup de grace of Sundays–Resurrection Sunday. I’m wasted!

The Easter season is potentially fraught with more trouble and energy expenditure than Christmas! Drink plenty of water, eat well, sleep much, spend time with Jesus, your spouse, and your children. Even though you as a Pastor/church leader may be gone a lot during these times of heightened church attendance/effort, they still need you.

For Family Worship night tonight, we made Resurrection Cookies and read through the Passion section of the book of John (chapter 19). We also dyed some eggs. A day late, but what’s that to a 2 year old? It was fun!

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