Revealed Insights from Luke 4:14-5:16

Revealed Insights from Luke 4:14-5:16

Jesus was driven from His hometown of Nazareth by His fellow neighborhood Jews after teaching the synagogue that He is the Messiah who will include performing miracles to Gentiles (4:14-30). We then see Jesus driving out demons with no fear or hesitancy (4:31-37), then healing people and casting more demons out at will (4:38-41).

Next, Jesus goes to a solitary place, I assume just to get some alone time with His Father (4:42; 5:16). This He seemed to do after an intense period of ministry.

He then calls Simon, Andrew, James and John who were all business partners, to be His followers (5:1-11).

The ministry/mission Jesus performed here at the start was synagogue teaching, healing, exorcism and gathering His team of disciples.

As I look for parallels to the life of my family, of which I am the “team leader,” I wonder what is here that I can imitate by the Holy Spirit’s power? Is Jesus’ beginning of His “public” ministry a template for us to follow? As the potential Lead Pastor, should I be teaching in churches, healing people, casting out demons and building my team of disciple-makers?

You are the Master, and I am Your servant. God, Your will be done. Please reveal to me what Your desire is.

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