How would you score your life? 100%? A+?

How would you score your life? 100%? A+?

Have you ever thought about where happiness come from?

I’m not really talking about “the joy of the Lord,” which is internal and not dependent on circumstances. To say another way, how would you score your life?

One night during a high school show choir competition, I was pumped after a blazing performance to be moments later deflated by noticing my tires were slashed in my high school parking lot. I called a friend’s mom that night for help, and after she came and picked me up, she also quoted James 1:2-3 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, when you face trials of many kinds.” (Thanks, Laura Benson! That verse truly shaped the way I see problems! Love you!)

But I’m talking about happiness in this email.

People often think they will be happy when they achieve a specific goal. They may say:

  • Once I get married I will be happy.
  • Once I have children I will be happy.
  • Once I can build my dream home I will be happy.
  • Once I get that promotion I will be happy.
  • Once I take that amazing vacation I will be happy.

Deep down, you and I know that happiness doesn’t come in obtaining the prize. It comes in the pursuit. That’s why it is imperative that we are constantly pursuing new goals. How would you score your life?

What area of your life should you focus on?

Career?  Family?  Health?

This LifeScore Assessment will help you get clear.

For a limited time, it’s available for free.

The assessment will take less than 10 minutes.

I JUST TOOK IT and scored a 55. Ok, not great, but it gave me clarity on where I need to focus next!

All you do to score your life is quickly rate yourself on a scale of 1–4 in each of life’s ten domains.

You read a series of statements that describe specific situations and pick the one that most closely aligns with where you perceive yourself to be. Then you give yourself a numeric score.

The tool then calculates your score in each domain, adds them together, and gives you an overall LifeScore.™

The whole process is pretty simple. However, it will give you the clarity you need to create the life you want.


P.S. Go take the assessment today while it’s still free. You’ll appreciate the clarity you get afterwards.

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