Stone by Stone

Stone by Stone

Frustrated with your life?

Start at the beginning. Think in your mind where you went wrong. What were the circumstances that brought you to that point? What could have been different? If you had the chance to do it again, how would you do it differently? Consider moving forward as if you DID do it the right way. Now what?

Living life is a joy! Take it one day at a time.

A movie made in 1972 titled, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” taught me that. It was a song recorded by Donovan titled, “Stone by Stone” in the movie that really points out that we need to live our lives at a slower pace than we often do.

“If you want your dream to be
Build it slow and surely.
Small beginnings, greater ends
Heartfelt work grows purely.

If you want to live life free
Take your time go slowly.
Do few things but do them well
Simple joys are holy.

Day by day, Stone by stone,
Build your secret slowly.
Day by day,You’ll grow too,
You’ll know heaven’s glory.”

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