Superman Syndrome

Superman Syndrome

Have you ever thought you were alone? Not just for a few hours or days, but truly… intrinsically and hopelessly A-L-O-N-E?

To feel as if feelings don’t exist. Dark and heavy clouds encircling about your soul. A loud quiet captures your equilibrium. A sense of floating aimlessly down a river without any chance of help or support…

Sometimes, that’s what people who help others feel. Some call it “depression.” Others call it “Superman Syndrome.”

When was the last time you saw Superman cry? or have needs? or say “Today is my day off” or “I need a break, I’m tired!”

Yes, it’s a common experience among others-centered people. We feel the lonliness that comes with the territory of ministering to others. We are tempted to encloak ourselves with the “Superman Syndrome.” We want to always be there for others, we want to be the one in the spotlight and receive the praise and gratitude of many for ‘saving the day.’

The only antidote, or better yet, prevention, is to have a trustworthy friend. Someone who is not impressed with you or your acheivements, but who cares about your wounds and is loyal to helping you grow.

We see that Friend in the Holy Spirit of God. He is the One who will “never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5).

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