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Rallying Armies for God’s Mission

Rallying Armies for God’s Mission

Discovering the Source for Where the Church Draws Its #Strength and #Unity

Last Sunday, I mused while in our worship service about the rallying armies to battle in ancient times. As we consider the purpose of our worship services, and what we are trying to accomplish in them, I think we will all agree our purpose is to “equip the saints for their ministry” (Ephesians 4:16).  Our Lord Jesus Christ has a mission for His Church: “Make disciples, baptizing… teaching to obey…” (Matthew 28).

How do you lead hundreds of people who come from different IQ’s, EQ’s, character, spiritual journeys, circumstances, economic status, vocations, stressors, family dynamics, musical preferences, spatial needs, attention spans, experiences, races, genders, learning styles, motivations, mental capacities and physical needs and turn them into a single, unified people ready to obey God’s Word and carry out His mission of disciple-making?

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What Changes Lives?

What Changes Lives?

What changes lives?

Who or what changes lives for the better? As we think of being church leaders, we realize WE aren’t the agents of change.

I heard it said at Exponential 2011, that “Church doesn’t change lives, JESUS changes lives.” I agree. Jesus is the Source of transforming a person from one status to another. he brings the growth.

Another statement said at that conference was “Let’s lower the bar on how we do church, and raise the bar on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.” The quality of our sharing our spiritual life with others (notice I didn’t just say small groups, Bible studies, or programs) needs to take center stage.

Thank you, Neil Cole. I agree (Great name, by the way).

Here’s my take on what changes lives: Life change happens as a by-product of several factors converging together: relationship, challenge, pain, experiences, but most importantly, LOVE.

The producer/instigator of life change is the Holy Spirit of God. He uses people in various forms (family, friendships, enemies, authors, actors, musicians, coaches, teammates, co-workers, neighbors, etc.) He also uses circumstances, prayer, Bible reading and other disciplines designed to produce what changes lives in us. The Holy Spirit is the agent of change and produces within us what we can’t drudge up ourselves.

May life change happen in me, my family, our church, our community, and our world for Jesus Christ!