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Advent Killers–Christmas Stress Relief for Pastors

Advent Killers–Christmas Stress Relief for Pastors

If you don’t know Pastor @PeteScazzero, you really need to acquaint yourself with him. His works on emotionally healthy spirituality (and its subsequent emotionally healthy leader, church, et al) are beyond impressive. This brief article on Christmas stress relief for pastors helps leaders with their top emotional problems this time of year.

His works are a breath of fresh air in a stale church sanctuary filled with self-help, Christian clichés, or useless platitudes on how to change and grow as a follower of Jesus Christ. Strangely enough, I completely relate to his church leadership challenges as he shares them in this insightful post.

I’ve added some minor additional content and additional resources in the links below, but the main article is his. I share this with you as an encouragement to focus this Christmas season on the antidotes to four of our Advent killers.

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