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Jesus Has Power Over Demons

Jesus Has Power Over Demons

How does Jesus have power over demons? This is one of my many stories how Jesus displayed His power through me. Grab a mug of tea and read this slowly. Just for starters, the beginning of my story is rather plain. Or so I thought.

Beginning my Spiritual Journey

The Lord Jesus Christ saved me from the ultimate penalty of my sins on August 16, 1992 (one month before my Senior year in High School began). I placed my trust in Him while asking questions about heaven and eternal life at Grace Community Church in Ramona, CA. I remembered the date because that was the first day I had ever owned a Bible of my own. The Youth Pastor had me write the date in it so I wouldn’t forget.

One year later, I graduated from High School, and attended San Diego State University where I was pursuing an up-and-coming career in opera there and had many opportunities for fame and success in the world’s eyes. In order to save money while in college, my parents agreed for me to move out from my bedroom in their house into our attached garage. It had been converted into a private living space where my older sister and brother had previously made their separate bedrooms. Since they both moved away from home the year before, I knocked out the wall between the rooms and turn it into my own little studio apartment.

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