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Best platform for your personality & communication style?

Best platform for your personality & communication style?

What’s YOUR Best Platform type?

You may have heard by now, but my friend Jeff Goins is teaching a free video series on what it takes to use your message to find your first 1000 followers and making your first $1000.

Thousands of people are taking advantage of this, but I didn’t want you to miss it.

Jeff just released the second video in the series, and you won’t want to miss this (or the first video, which I recommend you go back and watch).

Tune in here: 

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How to Find 1000 True Fans

How to Find 1000 True Fans

Free Video Series

My friend Jeff Goins is teaching a free series on how he built his powerful tribe of millions of followers over the past few years, but he’s doing it in an unusual way.

Instead of telling you the things you want to hear, he’s telling you the truth. He’s not giving you a bunch of empty promises. He’s telling you how to achieve real success. It’s pretty bold.

The first video just went live today, and in this video, Jeff debunks the myth that you need a huge following to make a difference or even make a living.

Watch it here:

How to Find Your 1000 True Fans

You’ll learn:

Why 1000 true fans is better than 1 million mediocre followers
How to start getting attention online, immediately
The mindset shifts we need to start getting noticed

I hope you like this series. It’s seriously unlike anything out there I’ve ever seen.

How to Find 1000 True Fans… It’s better than having a million casual followers. Remember, Jesus spent most of His time with 12, rather than the masses.


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P.S. This series is only available for a short time, so don’t wait to watch these videos. Check out the first video training here before it’s gone!

Compelled to Create

Compelled to Create

Compelled to Create?

Yes, I said compelled to create. I am compelled to create. I agree with Jeff Goins in this very thought-exploding statement. I grew up very musical. I even attended San Diego State University for a year so I could study Vocal Performance in Opera. I loved every music class. That strenuous training prepared me to take the stage as a speaker as well as a singer.

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