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Men’s Breakfast

Men’s Breakfast

Men's Breakfast | Church Leaders Campfire

Men’s Breakfast!

How do we put on a men’s breakfast at church? WHY do we put on a men’s breakfast at church? What is it about breakfast and men on (typically) Saturday mornings in American churches? Should we do away with the paradigm that believes that men should get together once a month to eat eggs, bacon, pancakes, orange juice and coffee, act with caveman-like butt slaps, grunts and charmless witless banter about sports, weather or sexual struggles? Do we really need another sermon–while eating breakfast?

The men’s breakfast idea came about in American churches for what purpose? To bring men together to talk about men’s personal issues. Is that important? You bet! However, I find it hard to believe that most American men feel safe in a public setting to discuss problems with listening ears around. Isn’t in smaller more intimate and intentional settings where we share our pain, struggles, victories and conscience? Such as in the car or in a friends backyard or basement or at the dinner table?

1. What is the goal of your men’s breakfast?
2. Does the men’s breakfast accomplish your church’s goals?
3. How would you know if it did?