The Blogging Blah’s

The Blogging Blah’s

Have you ever felt like you want to say something incredibly profound, but are unable at producing it? I think I need to go on a hike…

  • The Traveler


    All the time.

    Where are we hiking?

  • The Traveler

    How was your hike?

    You know, John felt the same way when he tried to share his profound vision in Revalation.

    The Spirit will intrepret, even with a few words, to those whome He has called. And some visions are meant to be understood by a very few.

    It may seem like no one could possibly understand what you are experiencing and seeing. But, there is someone listening out there, beyond the words — And he he looking for the lost souls who are longing to live with Him in righteousness and holiness (2Ch16:9).

  • Cami

    i think that's why i haven't posted for quite some time. unless i can amaze people, i don't say anything

  • Linda

    The worst thing is when I am expected to say something profound — or at least appropriate — and I am at a complete loss for words. Of course, they come later, after the opportunity has passed. I'm asking God to help me with this, and He really is, I think. And Cami, I'm glad you said what you did, because I think it's amazing.

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