Trust Prayer

Trust Prayer

“Lord, I don’t know the future. But You do. I know I need to trust prayer; that You hear me. If You want me to stand up, please help me stand courageously. If You want me to sit still, please help me to sit peacefully. If You want me to lay down, please help me lay patiently. If You want me to wait, please help me wait expectantly, valiantly and wisely. I’ll do what You want. I’m Yours. I may not know the outcomes, but You do. I trust You. Amen.”

I wrote this trust prayer this morning for a work assignment. Currently, I serve a local hospital as a Chaplain working with cancer patients. As you lead a church today, I hope you feel able to express your trust in God through prayer. He loves you. He knows you. He understands you.

Post-Easter Blues.

It’s Monday. Easter was yesterday. If you find yourself suddenly depressed, or totally exhausted because of all the energy you and your team put into yesterdays worship services, you’re not alone. If you do After-Action Reviews, as my team does every year, then perhaps you’ll consider adding a mini-vacation after Easter week? Have something to look forward to after the big push. Let your assimilation team or your office staff handle all the new guest follow up. Ensure your leadership has an opportunity to trust prayer and allow God to work in spite of you (or them).

Trust Prayer. It Works.

Consider praying this prayer. Consider taking a nap. Consider playing with playdough with your child. Consider how God will fight your battles for you and “prepare a table in the presence of your enemies” (Psalm 23). Consider how He will save souls through yesterday’s ministry. Consider how today is your day to relax and rest. Consider a vacation or Friday-Saturday getaway with your spouse? How about reading a great book that has nothing to do with work, like, The Singer Trilogy by Calvin Miller?

God bless you today. Rest and trust, my friend.

He’s here if you need Him. So are we.


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