Want to Shave 3 Hours a Week in Your Social Media Posting? Try CoSchedule!

Want to Shave 3 Hours a Week in Your Social Media Posting? Try CoSchedule!

CoSchedule Can Save Your Life!

I believe my time is worth something, because my time is how I spend my life. My “time” is my “life.” I AM what I DO with my time. If that’s true, then what is it worth to you to save your life? In the case of this post, what is it worth to you to save some time in your social media planning and execution?  

How I Shaved 3 Hours a Week in Social Media Posting

I use WordPress to write my blogs. The church I serve uses WordPress for our website. If you’re looking to build your platform online or an online business, or to streamline your church’s social media activities, I highly recommend you try CoSchedule to handle your social media for you. I’m LOVING IT so far! It automates everything for me and makes it so easy to get my posts, social media, or events out to my friends, church or team.
CoSchedule - WordPress Calendar
I have WordPress automatically post to my social media when I initially hit “Publish.” That’s great for the initial, “Hey, I just posted on my blog” notification for my followers. However, that’s a one time action. If I want my message broadcast to many, and for my message to be MEMORABLE and acted upon, I’ve got to continually broadcast that message. For example: As of today, 23 March 2015, I have 1,007 Twitter followers (it’s not much I admit, but each number is a wonderful human being with a heart, soul, mind and body). Each of them follow other Twitter users. In order to get my message through the thick of all the noise out there, I need to post multiple times on multiple days. THAT’S A LOT OF WORK! 

Time Savings of CoSchedule

The beauty of CoSchedule is that it has a WordPress plugin feature. When you type your blog post, you also setup CoSchedule - CLC Calendarand calendar your scheduled social media posts for as many times as you like. So, instead of my typing up a blog post, then publishing it once to all my social media sites, THEN going into my post and manually clicking “Like,” “+1,” “Tweet,” “in share,” “Pin it,” “tumblr,” or “Stumble Upon submit” AND THEN do the same thing when I want to do it all again… I just set it up in Coschedule ONCE, and let it do all the work for me! 

Cost Benefit Analysis of CoSchedule

About two weeks ago, I performed a cost/benefit analysis of CoSchedule to see if it’s a good return on my very small investment. I discovered a pleasant surprise in that if I tracked the time spent in going to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and to my LinkedIn groups, I was spending about 15 minutes to do this. Now that doesn’t sound like much, but, every single time I post in my blog, I do this same activity. Add in all the other posting I do in my social media, and I audited my time the last two weeks. Yes, I actually spent 2 hours 53 minutes (I rounded it up to 3 hours) do all of that. If I believe my time is worth something, because my time is how I spend my life, then that’s worth the small investment of about $100 per year! 

CoSchedule - HomepageTry CoSchedule today for a 14-day free trial offer. The customer service is par excellence and head and shoulders above many other companies. They’re always responsive, human, and very helpful. They’re even gracious enough to extend my trial offer a little extra time because life gets in the way at times. They’re awesome! Click any one of my links of the word CoSchedule in this post to get your free 14-day trial offer. You won’t regret it! 

Question: How much time per week do YOU spend spreading your message in all your social media sites? Answer in the comments below.
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