What Should Come From The Torture of Xu Shuangfu

What Should Come From The Torture of Xu Shuangfu

This comes from Voice of the Martyrs, dated 29 March 2006. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in China!

CAA (China Aid Association) learned 24 house-church leaders are still missing following a police raid on a house-church leader’s meeting in Henan province. According to an eyewitness report, at noon on March 13th, a number of public security officials raided a house-church meeting at Wen county, Henan province. Eighty Chinese house-church leaders from different counties of Henan province were attending a co-workers’ meeting. All of the leaders were then taken into custody after the police searched their bodies and confiscated the cash on them.

While 36 from Wen county were released within 24 hours, 24 of those from other counties are still missing. None of their whereabouts are known. Last week CAA also released a Defense Statement prepared by the defense lawyers of a controversial religious group leader, Xu Shuangfu.

Xu Shuangfu stated he had sustained an extortion of confession by severe torture, including denial of sleep for long periods and pouring hot pepper, gasoline and ginger juice into his nostrils. He was hung for long periods with his armed stretched and bound, shocked with electricity applied to copper wires bound around his extremities and hit with clubs on a helmet worn on his head. After seven days and nights of severe torture, he finally confessed to the unsubstantiated charges of authorizing the killing of members of the Eastern Lightning sect.

Pray the 24 Christians still in custody will know the comfort of Jesus’ presence. Pray they will be released soon. Pray Xu Shuangfu will remember the apostle Peter and know Jesus’ love and forgiveness.

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