Worthy of Honor: A Mother’s Day Sermon

Worthy of Honor: A Mother’s Day Sermon

Looking for a Mother’s Day Sermon?

Feel free to download mine here, for free. Just click the blue button below.

This Mother’s Day sermon is adapted from an article dated February 2006, written by Nancy Campbell, the editor of Above Rubies, a magazine for strengthening families across the world.

This mother’s day sermon teaches additional sub-topics of oneness in marriage, nurturer as woman’s design, her job description as helper like God, principle of first mention, as well as singing her praises. 

How sad that the feminist movement degrade the honorable career of motherhood. In their ignorance they do not realize that they are actually demeaning how God created them to live. Because their belief system is rooted in the wrong premise, they cannot get it right. We have to go back to the beginning, back to Genesis, to see how God created us and His purposes for male and female.

Thank you and may God bless you this coming Mother’s Day!

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