• Chris Dennis

    Without a doubt the divorce of my parents. While both of them are great people they like most people who divorce couldn't or wouldn't get past the selfish me first attitude and see the destruction to themselves and there four kids.

    If people would stop and pause, pray to God and not take themselves so seriously there would be so much less heartache in the world with such lasting ramifications.

  • Glen Zehr

    Growing up on a farm which had 5 families involved. This had its good points but it gets old having "five dad's" They all thought they could do better at raising me than my parents and they all took a crack at it.

  • Faith

    If I could have changed something from my upbringing, it would be that my parents would have pointed me to Hope and the source of Hope during my many health ailments as a child. I think that would have radically changed my life.

    However, even though some of the consequences were serious that I didn't receive that Hope, the negative things I've encountered have helped me to be a more compassionate person and to realize that I need a savior.

    So, maybe it wasn't that my parents were out of control, but that God was in control. Hmmmmm….

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